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Specialty Design/Fondant Cupcakes 
*Prices vary per request
Plain Jane
*Chocolate cupcake w/ vanilla frosting & sprinkles.
Very Vanilla
*Vanilla cupcake  w/ vanilla frosting & sprinkles.

Jack & Jill
*Vanilla cupcake w/ chocolate frosting & sprinkles.

Fancy Nancy
*Chocolate chip cupcake w/ vanilla frosting topped w/ chocolate shavings.

*Red velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting.

Dazzle Me
*White chocolate raspberry cupcake w/ raspberry frosting.

Pretty In Pink
*Strawberry cupcake w/ strawberry frosting.

*Chocolate cupcake w/ peanut butter filling topped w/ chocolate frosting & a peanut butter cookie.

Golden Girl
*Brown sugar pound  cake cupcake w/ vanilla frosting dusted w/ cinnamon sugar.

The Godfather
*Tiramisu cupcake.

Curious George
*Banana cupcake w/ your choice of peanut butter or chocolate frosting.

*Pink champagne cupcake topped with strawberry frosting.

Little Miss Sunshine
*Lemon cupcake w/ raspberry filling topped w/ raspberry frosting.

Pink Lemonade
*Lemon cupcake w/ strawberry filling topped w/ strawberry frosting.

Mikey Mal
*Vanilla cupcake layered w/ peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

Minnie Mal
*Triple chocolate cupcake topped w/ chocolate frosting & chocolate shavings.

Good Day Sunshine
*Orange creamsicle cupcake topped w/ vanilla frosting & sprinkles.
*Vanilla cupcake w/ Cannoli filling topped w/ vanilla frosting & mini chocolate chips.

The LumberJack
"Maple Cinnamon Bacon cupcake.

Salty Dog
*Caramel cupcake w/ dark chocolate frosting topped w/ fleur de sel (sea salt).

Red * White * Blue
*Blueberries & cream cupcake w/ vanilla frosting.

Gilligan's Island
*Coconut cupcake.

The Lunchbox
*Peanut butter cupcake w/ jam filling and peanut butter frosting.

*Caramel cupcake topped w/ caramel frosting.

Spotted Dog
*Cookies & cream cupcake topped w/ cookies & cream frosting.

Twisted Sister
*Marble cupcake topped w/ choice of chocolate or vanilla frosting.

*Chocolate or vanilla cupcake w/ Nutella filling topped w/ chocolate frosting.

*S'mores cupcake.

Santa Claus
*Snickerdoodle cupcake topped w/ vanilla frosting & dusted w/ cinnamon sugar.

Vegged Out
*Carrot cupcake topped w/ cream cheese frosting & dusted w/ cinnamon sugar.

Happy Jack
*Pumpkin cupcake topped w/ cream cheese frosting & dusted w/ cinnamon sugar.
**Available w/ chocolate chips.

Wacky Jack
*Pumpkin cupcake w/ chocolate chip cheesecake filling & topped w/ cream cheese frosting.

Ice Box
*Banana cupcake w/ chocolate ganache  & chocolate frosting topped w/ graham crackers.
**Available w/ Nutella

Blueberry Buckle

*Blueberry cupcake w/ vanilla frosting topped w/ graham cracker crumble
**Available in lemon



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